Sunday, April 24, 2011

So today lets talk about the eye appointment in Halifax, Nova Scotia, at the Childrens Hospital.

It was a long day for everyone, and it was all 5 of us. 3 kids plus parents.
Now remember, this is from my memory. I may get some information wrong or remember things differently.

So we get there and they dilate all of our eyes. A process that I have since learned to hate and try to get out of if I can (hasnt worked yet) from what I can remember they figured out pretty fast that John H (my brother) was fine. So it my sister and I that went into the dark room with a doctor that had some accent that I could not understand.

(why do they do that? send hard of hearing girl into a room with a guy that had such a thick accent?)


He told us what he was going to do and for some reason I got voted to go first (this is the first part where Michelle Chickens out lol.)
So he the uses toothpaste and sticks a few wires on my face. The toothpaste I'm told is to hold the wires on. (mmm okay?)

so he then takes these HUGE contacts and puts them in my eyes, but these things are designed to keep my eyes from closing so they are BIG and VERY uncomfortable. So uncomfortable in fact one of my eyes kept rolling in the back of my head and I didn't realize it, and I chose that moment to look at my sister, who freaked right out. 


but shes laughing and crying at the same time, and I think she said I'm not going to do that, no way!

So the doctor told me to relax, (I guess the whole eye rolling in the back of the head was a normal everyday thing for him) and once I did my eye went back to its rightful place.

So next the stick my head in what I can only describe looking like a BIG ASS BOWL, and I'm told to look at the black dot in the middle and not to look away. So I do as I'm told (for once in my life and I had to set a good example for my big sister who is still freaking out about the whole eye rolling thing) So then all these lights start flashing and I'm thinking if I were high this would be so cool! After a while it stops and it is Michelle's turn. They managed to get the wires on her, and one contact in, but they couldn't do the second one because she was freaking out so bad. But even with the one, they could defiantly tell that she had Usher.

We then went to meet this doctor...(I feel really bad about this now, but not enough for me not to write it, and who knows, maybe you guys won't find it so funny) keep in mind that it so far has been a very long day and we're all tired and hungry.

So we are in her office waiting for her...all 5 of us again, and the doctor comes in and introduces herself. "Hi, I'm Doctor Whore."

Part of me wanted to say You're what now? and I started giggling, but one look from dad stopped that. But then my mom started and my brother and sister. The Doctor had the good graces to say I'll be right back and left her office, and once she did, all of us just burst out laughing. Even dad. When Dr. Whore came back we all calmed down except my brother who my mom asked to leave the room. Michelle and I giggled a little more, but with a few 'evil eye' looks from dad we would stop for a little. That poor women. 

But when we left we all laughed again about the name, and to tell you the truth I still laugh my ass off about it now.

So that ladies and gents boys and girls is how we found out we had Usher Syndrome.

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