Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yes it can be annoying and INCREDIBLY frustrating, but once in a while you need to find the humor in what is happening to you and think of the positive things that may come out of it. So I have made a list on why going blind isn't always so bad.

Top 10 Reasons Why Going Blind Is Not So Bad:

10. You don't have to shovel snow(well at least I don't)

9. When you walk with your cane and people stare, and you stare really freaks them out. lol.

8. When you go to restaurants with the white cane you get what I call the Royal Treatment.

7. Tax Breaks

6. Going to concerts is fun with you cane. People will move right out of your way once they see it and it looks like the parting of the Red Sea. So I call it 'The Red Sea Effect'

5. When you're in school you get all kinds of great free stuff (yeh it supposed to help you with school - but its FREE!)

4. You can pull the 'disability' card at comedy clubs for front row seating and depending on the actor, you may be able to meet them.

3. It can be a great excuse if you don't want to do something.

2. The CNIB offers some really awesome services and perks that you just don't get when you can see!

and my NUMBER 1 reason why it's not so bad to go blind.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE............

1. You never EVER have to be the designated driver, and can drink when ever you go out.
(But this doesn't mean you should turn into an alcoholic!)

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coombsy said...

I love you so much! we miss you xoxo I am loving the blog by the way