Sunday, May 8, 2011

How to Survive Usher Syndrome

A wonderful lady I talk to Jane posted this on Facebook!
I think it is worth checking out!

1. Attention to the movement of air
An Usher use them to understand where there is a window open, if a door is not closed, but even if someone is passing by, when the subway train is coming. I think it is very important to understand how an Usher sees his environment, air movements in the long run can turn into premonitions.

2. Watch the feet

In crowded situations, an Usher never looks people in the face, for two reasons:

he cannot understand the real distance at which they are located, and therefore would not know really where I people are

and to intercept the trajectories: the people are very predictable in their movements, habitual and often absorbed and distracted, looking at their feet you know where they are, what direction they want to take and how fast they walk.

3. The information pass also by the nose: smells

As a child I could smell my mother’s also a block away. Smells are very important because they show us a presence, the recent passage of a person or the imminent arrival. A classic example is the coffee: an Usher can not hear the bubbling but smell the scent of freshly brewed coffee from very far away from the kitchen.

You learn to discriminate which odor has a sad person, a nervous, happy.

4. Feeling surfaces and vibration: touch

most likely if i was not an Usher I could not do the osteopath. As a child I slept on the upper bunk of a bunk bed, I happened by placing my palm on my mattress to feel the heartbeat of my brother sleeping under me. By the time I learned to follow the surface of the walls in total darkness in order to understand the corners and crevices, use the fingertips or fingernails to understand the sharp side of a knife, the palms of the hands to feel the sudden temperature changes.

To take the hand of an Usher is very important, because not only is useful for moving a lot but it helps to understand the mood of the person, if it is agitated, nervous, embarrassed (many times people perceive the ability of an Usher to feel beyond the senses, and often the close into themselves or clench the wrists)

5. Shoes with thin soles to ecplore the ground

I think for an Usher is essential to have fairly thin shoes, to feel comfortable with the soles of your feet when you walk on the surface, sandy, rough, or to hear when a step ends and another begins. I find it very useful for the visually impaired those tactile paths for blinds on sidewalks. You can feel them very good with the feet.

I felt the desire to reveal these tricks so the Usher can get benefit by putting them into practice and to all those who read them, understand the mechanisms behind such an apparent normality

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