Monday, May 2, 2011

Walking Blind

I'm finding as I'm getting older and the Usher is getting worse, I'm losing confidence in myself when it comes to the most basic things, such as walking or going out by myself. 

I used to walk all over the place and go out all the time. And I'm really starting to miss that.

Awhile ago I had to walk home from work, it was a nice day, and I didn't mind doing it. I went to go across the road - I looked both ways and went, I'm not sure what made me look again as I was crossing, but I looked to my right, and a car was RIGHT there! I didn't even hear or see it - it scared me so bad! It's hard when you're walking to watch where the hell you are going and trying to listen for vehicles. 

Does anyone have some suggestions on this?

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coombsy said...

I think you should get a dog someone to always be there make sure you are safe