Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hey everyone!

So for those of you who don't know on Wed, July 13th 2011 Lisa, Tamara and I went to see the New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys (who were my first concert EVER!) We had one hell of a good time.

There were times that it was so loud with all the screaming (us included) that I could not hear the guys singing! It was so awesome! I stood up almost the whole time and danced and sang a long with just about every single song. Both Backstreet Boys and New Kids! Man, they really put on a super show! They even did some of their old dance moves, which I just LOVED!

I used my cane, and didn't whack very many people, but somehow it did get hooked around some chicks leg on the C-Train. I have no idea how that happened and I did feel bad about that.

After the concert was over (and it was a long one) we went outside and found the buses and hung out to see if any of the NKOTB or BSB would come over to the fence. We saw Jordan come out and Tamara screamed so loud that he waved at us then we saw Howie, Brian and Joe Mac come out. Joey actually came over to the fence and touched hands with fans (myself included) and said hey, thanks for coming. We then waited for a long time, but Donnie finally came out!!! Sweet!

It was dark and all I heard was a bunch of girls screaming and Tamara and Lisa ran off and left me. (lol) So I started following the fence with my hand and using my cane and saw a girl looking through her bag and told her, "I know you're there and if I hit you or fall on you, I'm so sorry, but my friends took off this way" she told me I was doing good and to keep going. At this point Lisa and Tamara turned around realized that I wasn't with either of them and looked very sorry. lol. They then told me Donnie was on his way by, and they were trying to get me in so I could see him, as he walks by I catch a glimpse and Tamara yells, "Donnie, this is my friend Jill and she is going blind! Talk to her!' (At this point I'm trying not to freak out - it was hard and all I'm thinking in my head is Holy Shit, Holy Shit) and he stopped and came back, saw the cane, and then held my hand through the fence looks at me and said, "You're name is Jill?" I nodded and he said my name a few more times, I don't think I said a whole lot back...I was in shock and most defiantly in awe and getting really confused with all the yelling and pushing (which I later found out was Tamara being my 'body guard' and keeping girls from shoving me around because Donnie wasn't moving past me, he held on to my hand and talked to others around but he stayed there - holding my hand! lol. Lisa managed to get his autograph and gave it to me - she even framed it, which was super wicked and nice of her! Tamara got a few decent pics of him (they're all on facebook. Check them out)

After he left I cried a little....okay I'm lying, I sobbed, but I couldn't believe I had just met my childhood crush and got to see him up close. But just for the record Lisa cried too! So I don't feel so silly!

I couldn't see him super good because it was dark, but still! And the fact that after doing a long concert like that and looking super super tired he took the time to sign autographs and talk with his fans and made me feel special by not letting go of my hand talking to me - right at me - not around me to Lisa or Tamara (which a lot of people tend to do - oh you have a white cane, that must mean you can't answer for yourself) and the fact that he looked at me while he talked was way cool!

Whoo!! Whoo!!

see, having a white cane is the best perk in the world!!

I'm hoping next time he can sign it! How wicked would that be?!?!
Donnie- if you ever read this (and it's pretty doubtful) thank you so much! What you did was so cool! and you made a childhood dream come true. And you dudes put on one hell of a show.

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Lisa C said...

we're so lucky - I still can't believe it.