Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things You Should Know When Taking a Blind/Visualy Impaired Perosn to a Concert

10. Get a bottle of water. If you can leave it in the bottle with the cap left on - do it. (Some places will not allow you to do that) and if they wont let you, get it poured into a cup with a lid and a straw. It's so much easier to put a bottle of water into you bag, where you know where it is and you can pull it out and drink without looking all over for it. Or spilling it, as I have done many a times.

9. If you can afford it, get good seats. Most concerts these days have big screens set up so everyone can see what is going on, but climbing up those small steep steps with a cane is scary and nerve reckoning.

8. Go with someone you trust. Taking someone you trust means less worry for you. They know you, you know them. They have a better understanding of what you can and can not see. If they don't know how to be a guide, teach them. I taught my friend Lisa on one of our walks, and she learned in like 5 mins. It's super easy.

7. Take a piss before the concert if you can. And if you have to go while the concert is going on...GO! You don't want to pee your pants in front of all those people. And if you worry that you can't go to the bathroom in time, wear a pad thing or something...Just don't piss yourself!

6. Dress comfortable. Don't wear heals. That's dumb! Wear comfty shoes, jeans and a t-shirt. You're going to get all sweaty and gross so why ruin a good shirt? And as for wearing I need to say more?

5. Bring a mini flashlight. The NKOTBSB concert was the first time I brought mine, and I'm so glad I did! I'm not leaving home without that lil dude EVER again! Trust me - that shit helps!!

4. Two Words! GLOW STICKS! Not only are they fun, but they help you identify your people (friends/fam) in the dark so much easier! Just be careful that they don't break on you. They smell we learned at our concert! But defiantly use them!

3. TAKE YOUR CANE! Do I need to say more?

2. Don't leave your blind person standing by themselves. It doesn't take much for us to loose you in a crowd, so try to avoid it if possible. Trade cell numbers or pick a meet-up-in-case-we-separated-place.

1. And most of all HAVE FUN! and be safe!

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Tamara said...

As the girl who wore heels all day long, and then to the NKOTBSB concert, YES - do not wear heels!