Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Summer Adventures

This year Dave and I decided to do something relaxing this summer! So we went to see an old friend in Sylvan Lake. 

 Man is it BEAUTIFUL there! We were so close to everything that we could walk everywhere! 

We didn't do a whole lot, most relaxed and had some drinks, but they happened to be having a concert that weekend called Shake the Lake. We were so close to everything that you could hear all the performers, and hear the crowd cheering. 

 So on Saturday we decided to wonder up there to see what was going on, and I took Dickey (that's the name of my see-and-eye cane.) and I'm glad I took him. It was day time, but there were wires and cords all over the place. And people running everywhere, so he helped a lot! 

I ended up getting a spray on Tattoo and I loved it. But as I'm looking at the pics they have of what you can get I sort of notice people are looking at me a little funny, and I can only assume it was because I had Dickey and was looking at things, but whatever! So when it was my turn I told the lady I wanted the big lizard. She then asked me if I understood that it was $10.00 and not $5.00. But the best part was the way she was talking to me. It was like she was talking to someone that was slow...that is the only way I can explain it. Our friend that we went to see found this to be completely hilarious (he's known me since I was 16 and couldn't believe the way this lady was talking to me!) anyways she kept talking to me in this tone and I honestly didn't know how to respond...Has anyone else had this experience? 

But you know what, my fake tat was awesome and I loved it so much that I am thinking about getting a real one of the same thing!

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coombsy said...

no tattoo's with out me there!