Sunday, August 28, 2011

Royal Tyrrell Museum

While Dave was on vacation we took the kids plus our buddy Trevor to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. So it was me and 4 kids! 

Dave took me there when we first started dating and we have not been back. I had some issues seeing things back then, but I had forgotten how dark it was in there! 

As soon as we walked in I knew I was screwed! I couldn't see a damn thing, and I left Dicky at home! Not only that, but there were people EVERYWHERE! It was so busy, there was hardly room to turn around, which made everything worse for me! But we also the kids, and Dave's youngest son, Anankin, has vision problems too, so I could tell he was having a hard go of it too! 

But we tried to make the best of it, but there were some ares I couldn't go into, but there were times when there was no choice. Like to get to the other side of one area you had to walk through a kind of underwater scene, and there were fish and whatnot from the dinosaur age under where you were walking, and the only light came from the floor where the fossils and underwater scene were. And it was PACKED in there, and poor JJ tried to help me get through but I think he got confused and being a kid he wasn't going to push and shove. But putting that on an 11 year old isn't cool and he kept getting worried that he was doing it wrong and going to run me into something. So Trevor took over, and that was better, he got me out of there! But it was incredibly frustrating. 

We got to see some cool endangered species, I'm not sure what they were but they were like lizards but they lived underwater and had 4 legs, and they came in black or albino. They were super cool, and very cute! 

I went to the gift shop to grab a little souvenir and I was almost stepping on small kids, and if I was looking out for them I was almost walking into displays. There just didn't seam to be a happy medium in there. When I went to pay for my snow globe that I wanted I said to the cashier "Wow it's really busy!" she said, "Actually this isn't too bad." It was insane in there! I would hate to see it on what she thought was busy! 

It was still a fun day, and the kids had a really good time. We got to see all kinds of cool dead bones. lol. but if you have vision problems I would suggest you go when it's not busy (which I would assume would be fall/winter) or take your cane if you have one. 

I'm not sure if the cane would have helped, but I think I would have felt better if I had it there with me!


Tamara said...

Hey - how could Tyrell improve thier spaces so you could have enjoyed them better?

And I haven't been there in five years, but from what I remember Tyrell has the world's smallest museum gift shop.

Lisa C said...

I'm glad my "big kid" helped out a bit. The way Tyrell is set up you HAVE to move from room to room in a specific way - I can see how that and all those dimly lit rooms would have been awful!