Monday, November 7, 2011

My Day of Fun With My Eye Guy

I do have a question....Do any other hard of hearing people out there have a hard time with accents?

In September I went to Calgary for my yearly dose of Torture! Meaning I got my eyes checked out by Dr.Savage...the name suits...haha.
For those of you that do and do not know, its an uncomfortable, long, boring and tiring day.
My appointment was in the early am, so to make sure we made it to Calgary on time my wonderful fiance made us leave super early....we were almost 2 hours early! He then had a little nap in the car until until 9:30am and we went in. (I wasn't a happy camper) anyways...
We get there early and they say I don't even have an appointment that day, and thank goodness I brought my little letter saying that I did.
I was taken in almost right away for a dose of fun drops! After they make you read the letters on the wall (which I failed HARDCORE) they then give you drops to numb you eyes, and once they are numb they stick a pen in your eye to test the pressure, and that is all fine and dandy....unless your eyes didn't numb...which is what happened to my left one. Not a good time, so they had to put more drops in...not a good time.
After that they then give you the wonderful and fabulous drops that dilate your eyes and leave me grumpy and pissy all day, and you sit and wait until they kick in. I was then taken in to see Doctor Savage, which sometimes can be a bit of a wait. This time it wasn't too bad. He had what I think was a student or a trainee...not too sure, who I think was Irish...couldn't make out one word he was saying. But he did look into my eyes for about twenty minutes to half an hour with a bright light and magnifying glass type thing...very uncomfortable. Then the doctor came in and did the same thing for a little longer, and this time I kept pulling back because it was making my eyes sting. He then told me that I had 3 cataracts on my left eye and that there looked to be some swelling. If the swelling was caused by my new buddies then I would have to take eye drops and if that didn't work, they would have to operate...I got a little worried and nervous then!
After an eyeball x-ray we found out that I am fine so far. So no eyeball operation. YEH!
Since we didn't do a field vision test I don't know how much vision has been lost, but David did tell him I almost got hit by a car this summer because I didn't see it.
and somehow...I can still drive a car.
I dont drive a lot, and never in the winter - which is most of the year here. haha. So it's not that big of a deal.

I asked about what kind of Usher Syndrome I have. Type 2 what? So he said he would refer me to a geneticist in Edmonton, and I still have yet to hear about that.

Other than that not a lot has changed.
I'll keep ya'll posted!

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Bracken said...

YES! I do have a hard time with different accents. I actually switched eye doctors because I couldn't understand the first one who diagnosed me, haha. I also make my wife do certain phone calls because I know I won't understand the person on the other end. It's funny; I haven't talked about my hearing impairment at all in my blog--guess because the vision is new and hearing impairment I've dealt with all my life!