Wednesday, February 22, 2012

To Tell or Not To Tell

I've been asking this question on facebook, and the responses I've had have been very interesting. I guess it depends on the person and how they feel about the situation.

I went for an interview the other day, and I ended up having to tell them about my Usher Syndrome. Part of me hates doing that because then I feel that people wont see beyond that. But unfortunately part of the job was driving to a location every week, and I can't drive anymore. Legally I still can, but I view it as if I am questioning my driving ability...then I shouldn't be driving. SO I had to tell.

So my question on Facebook to the wonderful groups that I am a part of was, 'In an interview, would you tell them that you had Usher?'
And I think that can go for any disability really. Would you tell?
I've always told people in interviews about my hearing aids, and that was never an issue. and I never used to say anything about my Ushers because it never really affected me until the last few years. Except for the night vision. That has always been shit.
But I have to admit - the few places I did tell that I had Usher Syndrome - I didn't get the job.
So yes, it makes me wonder.
What would you do?


Bracken said...

I would tell... what was their reaction when you told them about the driving situation? Do you utilize vocational rehabilitation support?

Santiago Bedoya said...

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John said...

My latest post called Careers and Restaurants featured this topic. I'm a Usher's Type 2 with 29% at 23 years old seeking employment only to find that things aren't turning up.

Either the distance, the driving, something that will cause severe anxiety like tons of people shuffling in and out around your area at work would scare me to death. I'm honest about my hearing aids. I word it like this, "Now, I feel like you should know that I do have a visual and hearing impairment but as you can see it doesn't and won't affect my ability to do the job." Legally they cannot ask anything more about your disability. Most employers don't know about that law

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