Monday, October 15, 2012

Family Life

Wow!  It`s been forever and a day since I posted on here!  Today I just wanted to chat about my little family out here in AB, and mostly my almost step-kids.
As some of you may know I am engaged to a wonderful man named David, and he has two boys from a previous relationship.  J.J. is 12 going on 30 and Anakin is 10 going on 11 in a few weeks.  Both kids were born really pre-mature.  I think they were only 25/24 weeks along when they were born. 
Jay has nothing wrong with him, he is one of the smartest kids I have ever met and the most literal kid I have ever met.  I love him to bits, but it's kind of annoying.  
Anakin on the other hand, had a struggle.  When he was born he had a build up of pressure in his brain and it caused an explosion, and he had to have a shunt put in.  Due to this, he has some developmental delays.  He is small for his age, and is on a modified program at school.  He has seizures and takes 4 different pills two times a day.  He also had some issues with his eyes that progressed as he got older.  
He also has no filter.  He will say what he wants and when he wants, which in all reality can be super funny, and really awkward.  To give you an example:  His grandmother took the boys to McDonald's last year or the year before to see Ronald McDonald.  Anakin gave him a big hug and was talking to him, and then just let one rip.  Yes, he farted.  But instead of saying excuse me or sorry, he looks at Ronald and said, "Man, I just farted and it stinks."
Yes, funny as hell and whenever I think about it I laugh, but, he shouldn't have said that.  But still it's funny as hell.  
At age 10 he is legally blind in one eye and last week was told that he is getting a See and Eye cane from the CNIB. 
At first he was having none of it.  He said he didn't want anything to do with it unless it was a cane like Mad Eye Moodys (from Harry Potter.) So his mom called and told David what was going on and then I got the call from Dave.  My first thought was 'It's about damn time!'  my second thought was 'Shit! I'm going to have to grow up and use my cane more in front of him.'  Generally I only use mine at night, or if I'm walking to and from work, or in unfamiliar places.  I've never taken it to Wal-Mart or shopping anywhere around Brooks.  Medicine Hat yes, but Brooks no.
We had the kids this weekend and on Friday the first thing I did was explain to Anakin that he can't really modify his cane too much.  I showed him mine, and told him when people see the white cane they know it means you are visually impaired and can't see, so they know to get out of the way.  I showed him how to use the cane, and how to hold it.  I also showed him how to walk with the cane.  Mine is too big for him, but I folded it down so he could get a feel for it. 
I also told him that there will be times that he will hit someone with the cane and that it's okay.  You just need to say I'm sorry, I can't see you, can you move.  So to practice I gave him my cane and had his dad stand in the way so Anakin could hit him.
So he did.  Instead of saying, Oh.  Excuse me I can't see you, can you please move.  Like we went over, He looks at his father and snarls, "Get the hell outta ma way!"

Apparently we have a lot more work to do, but hey, it's a start.

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Lisa C said...

Baha! Anakin rocks!