Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Molly Watt Trust Success

As many of you may or may not know, I work in a library, and love love to read.  So I am always looking for ways to make reading easier.  I really feel that if that part of my life was taken away I would be devastated. 
Which is why I fully support the Molly Watt Trust, and will do what I can to promote it.  Yes, it's in the UK. But the work being done is amazing and helping so many. And I hope one day it will be over on my end of the country!

I was on the MWT page the other day and I saw these two stories that made my day and made me so happy, and yes one of them made me cry a little...but a good cry because this person had not read a book in so long.

I wanted to share these success stories that I saw.
These people have Usher Syndrome, and recived a Kindle from the Molly Watt Trust!!!

This one is from Diane
"I would like to thank the MWT fund from the bottom of my heart!!! Why u say? I have ushers/RP type 2 and for years I've not bought a book as it was a struggle to read with the brightness of the white background and the size of print so I gave up readin! This mornin my doorbell went and was asked to sign for parcel thinking it was Xmas gifts I had ordered, boy I was wrong!! As I opened the parcel WOW I was so excited to see that I had received a kindle and cover from the MWT!! On settin it up etc I couldn't wait to download my first book and was amazed at the difference in readin there was no glare and the contrast is perfect as I read plus I was able to enlarge the print and it was so easy to set up. Now I'm so lookin forward to reading again thank u so much!!! This has given me such a boost as over the last few weeks I've been a low due to a shoulder injury and not havin my guide dog Eric. This has made my day and now I can look forward to readin again while I travel or on a dark cold night while I'm in my bed happy days!! This would never have happened to me only due to the amazin work that MWT team has been doing I can't thank them enough from the bottom of my heart!!! YOU GUYS ROCK XXX"

This is from Debbie - her son Jake also got a Kindle!
Jake received a Kindle today from MWT, he was so excited when he opened the parcel, he has already read a book an downloaded others, jake was diagnosed in April and although not too bad at present he has started to struggle with small writing (especially in school text books), he is going to download some of his curriculum books to make school easier. Jake has loads of books but hasn't picked one up in a while, I can see his spark for reading re-ignited already, thank you MWT an love to you all xxxx"


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