Wednesday, December 19, 2012

'Tis the Season

Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope that this holiday season treats you and your family well!

As we all know Christmas is a busy time of the year for everyone, and I for one love the holidays!  But I also find it incredibly frustrating and challenging.

The stores are filled up with people in a rush to get in and get out, and it makes to hard to navigate around.  And it amazes me how many people will not move when they see someone with a See and Eye cane.  I tend not to notice for obvious reasons, but Dave was bitching about it the other day and I found it to be rather amusing.  It seems to bother him more than me.
He said that it always surprises him on who will or will not move.  The way he sees it if a child of 4 or 5 can see the cane and will stop and move, why can't a 30 year old, or a 16 year old?
And it also seems to bother him that people will stare.  As many of you know, I think it's funny when people stare, and if I do notice it, I will stare back.
Though, I have noticed I have been sitting on the benches in the malls more and more this holiday season.  Stores are too busy and there are too many people and I start to bump into people and things and then it's no longer fun.  But I hate to shop anyways so....meh.

So anyways I want to share a story about my sister. It seems like all the funny things happen to her....Or maybe I think that because she's my sister and when she does embarrassing things it delights me to no end.  Yes, that is mean, but she's my big sister and I've had to deal with a lot from her growing up (love you so much Michelle)

So I called her a few weeks ago and she and her husband told me this story.
Now Michelle can only see what is directly in front of her.  She hates using her cane, and hardly does!  Hopefully after this, she will use it more. (and yes I am giggling like mad)

So Greg and Michelle went to Wal-Mart to do some Christmas shopping.
And Michelle being Michelle just kept walking, not realizing that Greg was no longer beside her.  So she turned around to see where he was, and when she finally found him he was talking and apologizing.
So this is how the conversation went
Michelle - Greg who are you talking to?

Greg - Well Michelle, I am just apologizing to this person here because you almost walked into them.
Michelle- Who?  There is nobody there!
Greg - Again, I am so sorry, but she is blind and won't use her cane.  She honestly didn't see you. I'm sorry.
Michelle - Greg! Who are you talking to?  There is no one there!
Greg - Michelle, this person here...

Now Greg is super embarrassed at this point and keeps apologizing to the person and Michelle is going on that there is nobody there until she looks down and sees that it was a....little person.

and yes, I am laughing so hard right now I am about to pee my pants.  I guess this person was giving Michelle dirty looks and everything!
I would have paid good money to be there at that store at that very minute.
Now that I've hopefully made you laugh your ass off like I am I hope you and your family have a Merry Merry Christmas...and watch where you are going! LOL!
I love you Michelle!  So Much!


BlindManMark said...

Funny. :).

I have a friend with Usher disease,and have tried to be supportive.

I may have Sticklers , but the eye Specialists are not 100% sure as yet. Have been to many eye docs,and it seems all are fumbling around in the proverbial darkness.

Have a great Easter Monday. :).

BlindManMark said...

I am on BlindManMark on Twitter and the last comment on sticklers was by me ....