Sunday, October 20, 2013

Water Proof Ears

So like most people who have had hearing aids their whole life I was super excited when I heard about these Water Proof Hearing Aids.
Unbelievably excited.
So I ordered a pair.

I could not wait to get them.  It's honestly all I ever talked about for the weeks leading up to finally getting them (and I apologize to everyone who had to listen to my ramblings!)  But I was so excited!
I couldn't wait to play in them.  I couldn't wait to go swimming....just get wet in general and not worry that I am going to ruin my ears!  I felt as though...well as Hedley sings it "I can do Anything"
Silly I know, but I was so pumped.

Unfortunately I am seriously considering taking them back on Wednesday and trying something else.
When I got these hearing aids I was just wanted to go out and do it ALL!  But I had no idea that not only would I now be waterproof, but I would be hearing EVERYTHING!  The hearing aids even came with a remote in which I could change settings.  Regular hearing, phone mode, outdoor mode (which is amazing and blocks out the wind), loud noise mode (which is awesome for driving in a car - helps with the noise of the wheels on the road) music and TV mode...pretty nifty.

But everything I am now hearing is too much.  It's been really awesome to hear all these new sounds, but when you've gone 30 years without really hearing fans going, and all this humming and buzzing, and don't even get me started on the sound of paper.  That is a horrible really makes my ears feel like they should bleed when it gets crumpled up.
Now I got the chills thinking about it and not the good kind :oP

Another thing that is a big challenge for me is that these hearing aids do not have a phone coil in them.  So the phone mode doesn't do a whole lot for me.  Where as before I could changed the setting on the one hearing aid and do what I needed with the other one.  I can't do that with these ones.  I can't change just one ear with the remote (that might be something for the company to fix with the next ones?) 

I know most people think working in a library is a quiet job...yeh NO.  We have tons of kids programs happening at the one I work in, and I love it!  There is always something different happening and it's really fun.  But because these hearing aids don't have a phone coil and the "phone mode" is kind of a joke I am having a hard time trying to hear on the phone.  I've never had to learn how to block out background's kind of always been done for me one way or another.  So it's been a frustrating challenge and I think I've had enough.

Do you know when you go on the airplane and you're about to take off?
You get that pressure in your ears and they feel funny and all you can hear is the plane?  That's how a fan sounds to me now. 
I go into a restaurant, a store...any public place it seems all I can hear are these freaking fans and alarms and shit going off.  I can't focus on any conversation without a struggle and I have been finding that I have been relying on lip reading more than anything now...and we all know how much confusion and fun that can cause. haha

I am not trying to "dis" the hearing aids.  I really so badly-it-hurts want them to work out for me.  I want so bad to love them, but they are just not working out for me.
Makes me sad.

But I will keep bugging Bryan until we find a pair that work for me...and who knows...maybe it'll be the water resistant ones he was tell me about...

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Unknown said...

Funny how us "hearing" folks are so oblivious ...who would have thought..the sound of a fan..(which I fall asleep to )would be such a bother to you:(...I feel for you..sometimes the things we think will make us happy just don't...go with your gut:) love you:)